The platform is built up of 5 main elements that serve as different layers of user motivation and allow for unmatched adaptability to various HR goals:

  • Learning module: Learning materials are integrated into various brain challenging mini-games. Their primary goal is to transmit knowledge effectively.
  • Activity module: Real-life activity recording and development tracking serve the purpose of coaching users about new or expected behaviors and planning their progress.
  • Rewarding module: The rewarding mechanism provides the external motivational factor through virtual currencies redeemable for virtual and physical goods.
  • Metagame module: The frame story visualizes progress and shifts the perspective by creating an emotional bond with corporate values.
  • Administration & analytics module: This module serves business purposes such as content management and detailed reports and statistics of user activities.

The learning module

The modular learning platform includes several prepared mini-games that transform existing corporate content into entertaining, motivating learning scenarios, and improve engagement. The training algorithm prepares the regular dose of learning content to users, taking into account organizational goals, their user group, as well as their past performance achievements.

The activity module

Our system engages individuals to take ownership and control of their development. Clear paths, goals and frames provide opportunities for autonomous decisions and personal involvement. We make it visible how individual steps in the development strategy can be integrated into everyday work. Continuous feedback and peer-to-peer recognition boost personal motivation.

The rewarding module

Rewards collected for learning and development efforts are presented as virtual currency, which can be redeemed either in the shop or in the virtual world of the metagame. Organizations can easily upload company related merchandise or gifts with added value, providing a selection for users who make their purchasing choice based on their individual preferences. Besides traditional one-click purchasing, the system also provides the opportunity to offer more valuable gifts for raffles. Raffles create longer-term motivation by adding a level of excitement and a game factor to the shopping experience.

The metagame module

In order to provide a truly game-like level of motivation, the G4B learning platform lifts employees out of their everyday context, and engages them as protagonists in a metagame. Through this perspective change we manage to visualize user progress in a whole different way. In the metagame users have lots of choices to influence events, and they can use their collected rewards to build up their own virtual world or story. The metagame can also be tailored to different organizational goals by adjusting the frame story.

The administration & analytics module

By tracking all user activities, the G4B learning platform provides full flexibility in terms of analytics. Based on organizational needs and regulatory environments, we customize reporting and statistics to ease the workload of system administrators. Activities, learning contents, shop elements are all easily added, updated, and edited in the system without advanced IT skills.

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