Application areas

Our learning platform is an exceptionally capable tool to transmit dry, factual pieces of information. Categories of content where other tools fail to motivate employees, are integrated into engaging learning modules. The design of the system enables it to be applicable in a variety of jobs, makes it suitable for all types of individuals, and blends well with other learning processes.

Due to its zoom-in approach, where a well thought out general framework can be perfectly adjusted to content specific details, it is cross-cultural and can be employed globally. New modules can be added to the existing ones within the system, or can be replaced by other games in accordance with the requirements of the corporate content.

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Recruitment and employer brandingApplication areas

It is a constant challenge to stand out from the competition and catch the attention of potential candidates, not to mention the effort to transmit corporate information to the target group.

Traditional methods fail to bring efficiency. Our projects have proven that games are unmatched in their power to motivate users to interact with branded content and engage in corporate communication.

Our innovative recruitment approach even contributes to the onboarding process by “pre-boarding” future employees. Demonstrate your corporate values and tell your story.

Did you know
that Millennials will make up almost half of the workforce by 2020?

Employee onboardingApplication areas

The key to a successful and fruitful relationship is to get to know your team and the working environment. With the help of our platform new hires will know their colleagues, organizational roles and responsibilities even before their first day at work.

By providing a fun and interactive tool, you will multiply the comprehension and retrieval efficiency of this knowledge, which is crucial for a quick integration and smooth workflow.

Did you know
that only 38% workers say they have opportunities for learning and growth at their workplace?
(Deloitte, 2014)

Compliance, policies and safetyApplication areas

How do you convince your employees to read corporate policies, let alone remember and apply the rules to their daily work? Integrate such dry and factual information into entertaining learning modules, where challenges and progress motivate users to digest and process the expected behavior at your organization.

Did you know
that 60% of L&D professionals face challenges with the motivation of employees during the corporate learning processes?
(Deloitte: Three Marketing Lessons for L&D 2014)

Product & service knowledgeApplication areas

There is one thing salespeople and professional experts share for sure: they need to be knowledgeable and up-to-date on the products and services they sell or are responsible for as developers, managers, etc.

Spice up their trainings, so they become enjoyable activities instead of a necessary evil. Teach them efficiently, test their knowledge and track their development.

Did you know
research claims that 80-85% of sales training produces no long-term impact and that the half-life of many professional skills has dropped to 2.5-5 years?
(Deloitte, 2014)

Internal career developmentApplication areas

Our system engages individuals to take ownership and control of their development. Clear paths, goals and frames provide opportunities for autonomous decisions and personal involvement. We make it visible how individual steps in the development strategy can be integrated into everyday work, thus hidden processes of self-development become visible to all stakeholders. Goals are based on both the organizational career paths and the employee’s preferences.

Did you know
that 74% of employees felt that they weren't achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities?
(Middlesex University, 2012)

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